North Park Lions Club members having a roaring good time making friends and serving their local community

Ever since it was established in 1926, the North Park Lions Club has been a friend to a wide variety of organizations, schools, programs and causes through its monetary donations and the toil of its members.
“Originally I went to the club thinking it was good networking for the (San Diego) Center for the Blind,” says Kim Gibbens, the center’s executive director. “But the more I attended meetings, the more I realized what a special group of people this was. When I became the treasurer, which I did for almost 10 years, I really found out how much this club serves the North Park community.
During 2010, the North Park Lions contributed more than $28,000 to a variety of programs, schools and organizations. The beneficiaries included the North Park Little League, local schools — Central, Jefferson, McKinley and Garfield — and Meals-on-Wheels, among others. The club also spent more than $17,000 as part of its White Cane budget.

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In a special meeting, Scott Leason of City Heights spoke about how he was shot 15 years ago during a robbery at a convenience store where he worked, rendering him blind. For several years, he has taken classes in water skiing at the aquatic center so he can compete.

“I was already slalom skiing, but they put me on a wakeboard and I'm doing tricks now,” Leason said. “Without the Mission Bay Aquatic Center I wouldn't be achieving these goals and dreams of mine.”


    How might we be of service to our community?
    You are our community and we want to hear from you about ways we might better serve our community. What is your idea of service to North Park?

    Join our Pride and become a Lion!
    If your thinking or are interested about becoming a part of North Park Lions Club, know that you must be of legal majority, good moral character and good reputation in your community.  Membership is by invitation so when you are interested in being invited to join an existing Lions club, contact anyone of the North Park Lions Club members, in person or find us online, ask if you can attend a meeting to learn more about the club and its service projects or just show up on Wednesday and ask about becoming a member.